CRM Solutions Employing Microsoft Dynamics

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Here at Dynamic 365 Solutions, we offer you first-class CRM systems that assist you in creating a more streamlined database for your data and communications information. Utilising Microsoft Dynamics, our system integrates with many programmes and works for businesses in a wide range of industries, creating increased productivity levels and powerful marketing solutions. Speak to one of our customer relationship managers today to find out more.

Our CRM Product

When you are using our CRM solution, you will explore a new wave of productivity. Our solution will allow you to visualise your data and interact with live dashboards, eradicating the use of spreadsheets. Other advantages include:

  • Automation
  • Communications
  • Managing Appointments
  • E-Contracts
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Portals
  • Our User Interface is Easy to Use, User-Friendly, Super-Fast, and Tailored to Your Business
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Customer Insights and Engagement Activities in One Area


As standard, we set up and automate SMS and email templates for each business. This could be for enquiries, viewings, feedback, surveys, or pre- and post-sales.


Our CRM solution integrates with Microsoft Outlook, which allows you to track all correspondence with clients. This ultimately improves your business’s processes and productivity.


At Dynamic 365 Solutions, we understand taking on new business is a long process if you have to invite or print, scan, and send a contract to clients. Our e-contract service allows you to securely sign and manage contracts across any devices.

Nurture Your Clients

Our powerful marketing solution ensures your business creates an interactive touch point based on each enquirer’s behaviours. You are also able to send targeted emails to drive sales and generate interest, as well as notify sales when a customer has shown interest through their interactions. Our email marketing capability provides an intuitive experience that allows your business to create and send bulk HTML emails with all send, open, click, and bounce data reported at the mailing, as well as individual recipient, level.

Client Accounts

Our CRM solution allows you to filter and search contacts seamlessly and quickly. Search navigation is on all screens for a greater user experience.


The reports and dashboards have been known to improve productivity. Dashboards are a collection of organisation insights that pull in information that you are able to modify, showing key performance indicators and other important data. They are user-friendly, powerful, and robust, allowing users to analyse data consistently across their departments.

Data Migration

At Dynamic 365 Solutions, we understand the importance of customer data, that’s why our data specialists deal with data migration and data protection. Our CRM solutions accommodate all types of businesses, including recruitment, property management, and human resources. What’s more, our disaster recovery and backup routines are in place with Microsoft 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can rest assured that your data is safe with Microsoft.


Alongside our extensive service, we offer onsite and online training regularly, to ensure you are utilising every feature available in your CRM solutions.

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